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The Viper Group was conceived out of 30 years’ experience in the security industry worldwide. The Viper Group’s mission, to raise the standards of training and operations throughout the security industry.

Where does The Viper Group differ from other companies?

The Viper Group delivers bespoke training programs catering for the client’s specific needs and requirements. Each client has a designated client manager who meets with the team to ascertain their specific needs and requirements. This allows us to give your business that personal touch.

Our security and close protection operatives are all Viper trained, monitored and accessed every six months to ensure their skills sets are maintained to the highest standards. This is something that we also offer to our clients



We have many years of experience providing both security and close protection operatives to clients in many different working environments: hotels, corporate, events, celebrities, private families and individuals.

The Viper Group works in the UK and abroad, including Switzerland, France, Italy, South Korea, China, South Africa, Mozambique, Somalia and New Zealand. This experience has helped us grow organically, whilst understanding the differing needs and requirements of clients worldwide.



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Close Protection


Residential Security



The Viper Group takes training to the next level. From our set training programs through to specialised training programs, all our instructors face the same assessment criteria that our security officers face, every six months they complete their evaluation and assessment training ensuring that we stay ahead of the game.

The security industry in the UK and worldwide struggles to maintain its standards let alone raise them but not at Viper Group! We strive and achieve higher standards through our assessment criteria and never stop pushing up our standards allowing us to give you the best product.


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