Close Protection SIA Level 3 Course

Started on 25 May 2022
Raising Standards Through Education

The Viper Close Protection SIA Level 3 Course

The Viper Close Protection Course has been designed to ensure a higher standard of learning and challenge for the participants who will be working at the cutting edge of the Private Security Industry

The Viper Close Protection SIA Level 3 Course

The Viper Close Protection Course has been designed to ensure a higher standard of learning and challenge for the participants who will be working at the cutting edge of the Private Security Industry. At Viper, our ethos is ‘Raising Standards through Education’. Viper have worked closely with employers to identify the real skills required to be highly effective, newly qualified CP Operatives.  Our main drivers have been to ensure Professionalism, Mental Endurance and Physical Ability that are crucial elements included on our CPO course.

These elements are not offered on any other programme.

Employers have been crucial in these developments so much so that we have been able to secure positions for our trainees on successful completion of the program.

At Viper, all our instructors are either ex-military, ex-police or civilian and have many years of experience within the security industry. They all understand what level our learners need to achieve to be taken seriously in the close protection industry. Whether from an ex-forces or civilian background at Viper they will be given the training and skills required to succeed in this very competitive industry.

We focus heavily on physical and mental endurance which is one of the biggest areas missing in the industry. Much of the criticism levelled at the industry is due to inadequately trained operatives. With the growing level of threat, we face every day, CPOs are having to deal with real-life scenarios more often and it is the CPOs responsibility to reassure and bring about the restoration of normality to any incident no matter how high the risk. This is the main reason why we run our medical training (FREC3) as part of the close protection course in week two and not after the course as a bolt on, giving you the practical experience and confidence to manage a medical emergency while on in the field. We also offer FREC4 at the end of the training at a reduced rate so learners can maximise their qualification at the start of their career.

On the Viper course, you will do daily physical fitness and unarmed combat, where learners are assessed throughout their training. By the time they qualify they will have the skillset and knowledge to carry these vital skills forward into their career as a CPO understanding the art of ‘practice makes perfect’ and muscle memory.

After successfully completing the Viper course, we have several companies with who we have partnered that gladly interview our graduates. This is something we are proud of. We give you the opportunity to start your career with companies that will move you forward in your new field of choice.

At The Viper Group we believe that Continual Career Progression is key to a successful and rewarding career in the security industry. Viper’s trained staff are always available to discuss an applicant’s needs and requirements.

Viper SIA Lvl3 Close Protection Operative training course

Duration: 21 days

Price £2,000

This is an exclusive opportunity to join our SIA Close Protection course based in the South West of England (Cornwall) and Bulgaria.

All our instructors are currently active within the industry and have decades of experience in military, police, Royal and private close protection in both hostile and non-hostile environments.

  • The 21-day course will include compulsory SIA CPO units, but we also deliver specialised modules which include:
  • Additional specialised Surveillance and Counter Surveillance Measures
  • Advanced Defensive/Evasive Driving Skills
  • Unarmed Combat (CQC) utilising defences against all weapon types (Krav Maga).
  • Daily Physical Fitness
  • Live Firearms familiarisation, awareness, and safety in pistols & carbine (Bulgaria)
  • FREC3 (First Response Emergency Care level3)

We also help all successful candidates with the full process of your SIA application.

Telephone/zoom interview and then the deposit will secure a place. Payment plans are available, and payment is required in full one working week (7 days) prior to the course start date.

Frequently Asked Questions

We run courses throughout the year but please refer to the course date list for more information.

  • Accommodation in the UK for non-local and all accommodation and three meals a day in Bulgaria
  • Return transfers {transfers from Sofia International Airport to our site at Gebrova)
  • Comprehensive instruction – the course is conducted by a highly qualified instructor.
  • Full orientation and supervision
  • Equipment and materials required to complete the course.
  • Flights or travel to Sofia, Bulgaria (We can assist as we use a trusted travel agent and get discounted fares)
  • Visa fees (variable depending on nationality)
  • Travel insurance (compulsory)
  • Personal expenses such as souvenirs, drinks, snacks, activities
  • Pre and/or post-course accommodation in the UK
  • Local SIM card and data/airtime bundles (optional)

We do not provide meals on the course in the UK, but the Bulgaria element of the course does have breakfast, lunch and dinner included. We do provide coffee, tea, and biscuits throughout the course.

We advise that any candidates travelling from outside the UK visit for up to date visa requirements. This is also the advice for those wishing to travel to Bulgaria. If In doubt speak to your local travel agent who will be better able to advise.

The Viper Group instructors have been handpicked for their respective experience. Our instructors are mostly ex-military, ex-police, ex-ambulance, and ex-fire services but we also have civilian instructors with decades of experience and proof that if a learner applies what we teach they can do well in the industry.

Most equipment will be provided but a personal kit list will be emailed once a candidate secures their place on the course

There is a standard of fitness required for selection onto the course. This is emailed once an initial course interview is secured.

Viper has an All-Inclusive Policy however due to the nature of some of the activities we do ask prospective candidates to make contact prior to booking any courses. Our trained staff will discuss and make the necessary adjustments where physically possible.

Ideally life experience is a vital part of close protection, so we advise ages from 25yrs+ but also understand that some individuals have that experience at younger ages, so we are willing to look at ages 20+. Please be aware that the Security Industry is very physically and mentally demanding therefore all candidates undergo a pre acceptance interview

We believe that course sizes must be small enough to focus attention on detail. Our courses a normally 12 strong and have two highly qualified instructors specialising in their fields.

The course is very time consuming and will require 100% focus due to the nature and content of the course. We do give time off but this will never be structured and will be given when the instructor deems fit.

Please see our Covid-19 Policy Statement.

Close Protection

31 May-20June (Cornwall)


Close Protection

16 August-01 September (Hereford)


Close Protection

08 -28 November


Close Protection/Combined Live Firearms (Bulgaria)

26-29 June (Bulgaria) 


Close Protection/Combined Live Firearms (Bulgaria)

02-05 September (Bulgaria)


Close Protection/Combined Live Firearms (Bulgaria)

04-07 December (Bulgaria)


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