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We have many years of experience providing both security and close protection operatives to clients in many different working environments: hotels, corporate, events, celebrities, private families and individuals.
The Viper Group works in the UK and abroad, including Switzerland, France, Italy, South Korea, China, South Africa, Mozambique, Somalia and New Zealand. This experience has helped us grow organically, whilst understanding the differing needs and requirements of clients worldwide.



Prior to commencement of a contract Viper Group conduct a full survey and risk assessment to ensure that the service provided meets the requirements of the customer. Full assignment instructions will be compiled, and advice given to ensure that all aspects of the security needs are met.

Regular meetings, operative monitoring and ongoing surveys are carried out, throughout the term of a contract, to maintain and improve the quality of service provided. All our security personnel are first aid and counter terrorism trained, all having completed these modules through Viper Groups in-house training program.

Specialised Event Security

On occasions customers may need to secure a special function or event on a short- or long-term basis. We can cater for such requirements and, in our experience, have found that working closely with the customer ensures ‘confidence and peace of mind’.

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Corporate Security

We maintain our high standards whilst providing the following services:

– Front-of-house
– Reception services
– Access control
– Patrolling


Residential Security (RST)

Viper Group understand that a family environment is unique and sensitive to each family or organisation, so we provide a low-profile or high-profile service depending on what the client needs.

Our service includes the provision of close protection operatives and we provide a fully comprehensive residential security survey for each contract and as with all our clients all correspondence is confidential.

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Close Protection

Viper Group provides close protection especially dedicated to diplomats, VIP’s, On-screen and sport celebrities, high-level corporate officers, major employers, wealthy individuals or any other individual or group that feel the need to receive special treatment and protection in the UK and other countries, with an interest in those coming to London where the centre of our business is.

Like our security in-house training programs, all Viper Group close protection operatives are assessed every six months and are put through regular continual professional development programs to ensure we stay ahead of the game at all times.