Chris Booton (Bootsy)

Training Manager Close Protection

Brief info

I am a qualified close protection officer and instructor, with a career spanning 37 years within the security industry.

My career in security work began when I started to take on small contracts and various roles, beginning with working on pubs and clubs in my local area. I then quickly progressed to either team leader or supervisor within these roles and soon set up my own company, providing teams for licensed venues and events.
In 2000, I undertook further training in close protection, where I then fulfilled many roles as a personal escort for many notable individuals, one of whom, I still work for as part of a team today. With this gained experience, I have also managed close protection teams at major and significant sporting tournaments alongside various other contracts.

In 2005, I utilised my experience in an educational capacity by qualifying to teach all aspects of security and this is something I am still actively doing to date.
Throughout my career in security, I have had experience on both a national and international level, working on advance event planning; event crowd control; threat assessment and where necessary, crisis response. I have gained experience in many different types of situation, including those which have been hostile (anti-piracy) and have acquired a wealth of knowledge across the security sector as far as senior management level.

I am now looking forward to imparting some of the knowledge I have gained throughout my career and sharing my skill set as part of The Viper Group.

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