Dan Tswei

Training Manager Close Quarter Combat (CQB)

Brief info

# Formerly trained Muay Thai , boxing and Atemi Jutsu from teenage years .
In 1st group of instructors ever to qualify as Krav Maga instructor with British Krav Maga Association under Paul Grey.

1st instructor in Europe to gain instructor certification under Sgt Maj Nir Maman CT707 ex IDF, SF .

Only instructor in Europe to hold black belt 1st dan certification under Nir Maman CT707 ISFKM.

Dan has a firm belief that true Krav Maga can provide all essential and necessary skills needed to provide safety for all in today’s ever changing and challenging world of security and protection.

Title of the training course: (Example) SIA Lvl3 Close Protection

# CQB lvl1 Foundation
Close quarter combat training .

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