Training Manager Surveillance

Brief info

I have worked in the surveillance field for more than 30 years, gathering data, images and video footage for a wide variety of clients for different purposes.

My experience has enabled me to gain expertise in all manner of surveillance and gain the most accurate and full information possible with practised techniques and equipment.

It’s vital to gain the very best possible footage and video in the most discreet fashion to have the most successful outcome and this takes practise and experience to perfect.

I have worked in hostile and domestic terrains at home in the UK and in countries around the world.

Clients have varied from international media outlets to military security firms and private domestic clients.

Every job is unique and so each task is always approached with a bespoke plan best suited to fulfil the criteria of each job.

Discretion is key in this business, so keeping a low profile in both professional and personal environments is as essential as gathering information and images.

I have worked in small and large teams and as a lone operator and it’s crucial to be adaptable to work in whatever circumstances arise.

Background preparation is one of the most essential areas of this job and therefore patience and perseverance must go hand in glove with any job.

Quality of the result is vital. Therefore, it is important that you are trained by those who are at the top of their industry.

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